Defining the future.

Accelerate and Scale AI & ML solutions to create endless possibilities.


AI adoption has risen rapidly in the last decade and is on the cards for most organisations today.

At Cloutel, we capture the transformational potential of AI and focus on solutions that create limitless possibilities to bring a competitive advantage to businesses. With algorithms like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, it’s possible to automate processes, detect fraud, increase sales, and more — often in real-time. Our compelling, creative, and intelligent solutions span industries and platforms, to maximize value for your business and create sustainable impact.

What We Do

Our process sets the right focus and approach to achieve meaningful value and scale AI across the business.

Set a vision

Exploring possibilities to set an inspiring vision

Create a roadmap

Assess current capabilities & develop a strategy for AI transformation

Testing and learning

Pilot models, data pipelines & reducing risks when measuring value.

Scale AI applications

Accelerating impact by enabling the teams to scale AI applications keeping up with evolving tech and ensuring continuous upskilling.

Innovate and transform at scale

Building sustainable solutions that set the path for future transformations.

Our Capabilities

We partner with our clients to develop and build their tech stacks and lasting capabilities, for the successful adoption of AI at scale. With deep domain knowledge, capabilities, and experience, our team is dedicated to driving innovation and solving business problems.


Deep Learning

Achieve higher levels of accuracy in predictions, automation, and analytical performance.

With decades of experience, the Cloutel team of experts offers deep learning tools and functions that can easily integrate into our clients’ existing applications. Our deep learning capabilities and our framework can be deployed on enterprise systems, clouds, servers, and embedded devices. And our experience spans multiple domains, like healthcare, finance, cybersecurity, and more.


Natural Language Processing

Extract insights from unstructured data to derive meaning, ease communication, and improve analytics & decision-making.

Cloutel delivers AI-driven Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions and services using deep learning algorithms and machine learning to meet the unique requirements of our clients. From document analysis and content classification to sentiment analysis, trend spotting, and chatbots, our NLP solutions have been implemented as an important entity in many industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and telecom.


Image Analysis

AI-drive image analysis to open the door to new opportunities for research and innovation

Cloutel offers digital image processing and analysis services to gain insight into the image and video data, develop algorithms, and automate common tasks for image analysis. Our clients can unlock the potential of AL and ML-driven digital image analysis in security and surveillance, medical imaging, automotive, digitization, and other related domains.


Fact Extraction

Leverage AI to extract entity information and facts from unstructured data into editable and structured formats

With our strong baseline of AI capabilities to use fact extraction, we have helped transform business processes. Our information and knowledge extraction ML-based models drive deeper insights and intelligent solutions for organizations.


Information Visualization

Visual Communication through graphic data representation and descriptive statistics

At Cloutel, we help our clients transform data into visually impactful and intelligent insights, leveraging the best-in-class data visualization tools and deep domain knowledge. Our solutions and services in this area help businesses boost growth and profits and streamline their vision.


Data Labeling

Scaling AI models through highly accurate data labeling and annotation

Cloutel offers data labeling tools to expand our clients’ data classification efforts and simply the prediction models. Our data labeling solutions use the best practices to deliver better usability, greater contexts, more precise output and simplify the complex forecasting models for the businesses, users, and teams.


ML Operations

Automate and accelerate end-to-end machine learning lifecycle management

Our dedicated experts at Cloutel provided end-to-end and custom MLOps solutions for the unique needs of our clients. From building reproducible models and managing the machine learning lifecycle to governance and easy deployment of these models, our MLOps solutions automate the ML lifecycle and accelerate innovation.


Our next-generation solutions create the future of artificial intelligence and deliver automation, insights, and efficiency that find application in a wide range of industries.


Emotion Analysis

Leverage our emotion analysis solution backed by state-of-the-art methods and technologies to detect a range of emotional stimuli for accurate emotion prediction.


Text Recognition

Reduce costs, save time, and accelerate workflows through this solution that combines AI with text recognition capabilities.


Image Recognition

Our image recognition solution is driven by deep learning technologies and can be easily applied to various enterprises and industries.


Speech Recognition

This solution delivers high levels of accuracy backed by AI, NLP, and ML techniques and enables businesses to automate complex processes and gain essential insights.


Visualization Dashboards

AI-powered visualization dashboards to generate actionable insights, monitor trends, track business processes, and enable smart decision-making.


Knowledge Graphs

Derive deep insights from unstructured data and drive competitive advantage for your business with AI-based knowledge graphs.

Our work

Social Media Marketing Videos

An automated cloud based video production platform driven by deep learning

Sentiment and Technical Analysis of Financial Markets

NLP-based Sentiment Analysis Engine for Forex Trading

Medical insurance form analysis for Medicaid Benefits

ML-based fact extraction solution for medical insurance documents

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Without big marketing budgets, it is impossible for small and medium businesses to gain the differentiation and edge that high-quality marketing videos...

Social Media Marketing Videos

While traders have sound fundamental and technical knowledge of the market, having an idea about the market sentiment adds depth to a trader’s overall view of forex...

Sentiment and Technical Analysis of Financial Markets

A medical insurance provider needed a fact extraction solution for medical insurance documents..

Medical insurance form analysis for Medicaid Benefits

A large mobile carrier needed a retail platform to recognise, classify, and display product specifications.

ML Based Retail Product Encyclopedia


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