Social Media Marketing Videos

An automated cloud based video production platform driven by deep learning

The Need

Without big marketing budgets, it is impossible for small and medium businesses to gain the differentiation and edge that high-quality marketing videos can provide. The people who form the heart and soul of a community through their small businesses, like florists, barbers, and car mechanics, simply cannot afford the high production costs of professional video marketing.


How we Helped

Cloutel was hired to develop a sophisticated solution to produce low-cost videos for social media marketing. Cloutel developed a Cloud-based deep learning solution that creates professionally looking videos in minutes. That solution evolved into a stand-alone company,

Key Features

The solution we developed has evolved into a powerful video platform that helps businesses take customer engagement to the next level. Here are some key attributes of our solution.

Effortless Onboarding
Seamless use experience & Ease of navigation
Review, Publish & Share videos in a few clicks
Track Video performance