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Extend your information security capabilities through innovative solutions that address security challenges and mitigate risks.


The digital landscape is constantly evolving with the proliferation of disruptive technologies.

Alongside, the dynamic threat prospect adds to the complexities of information assets and the IT workflows and frameworks. These insecurities challenge the integrity of business security controls and thus, arise the need to have a strategy for effective risk management and security solutions.

Cloutel is a trusted partner for information security solutions. Our security service & solutions deliver operational resilience, protection against cyber threats, and ensure risk management & mitigation. Our holistic approach treats information security as a strategic issue that aligns with business strategies and enables continuous improvement and innovation. We bring the deep expertise and experience needed to address modern security threats and evolving regulatory requirements, reduce risks, and improve compliance and data privacy.

Our Approach

Assessing risk

Identifying existing capabilities and analyzing threats to devise effective solutions.

Evaluating resilience

Understand the vision for security and align it with the business strategy.

Creating customized frameworks

Understand the priorities of the clients and devise customized security strategies.

Building capabilities

Embedding cyber capabilities into business strategy and processes.

Enabling faster response and preparedness

Engage leadership, set up crisis response, and establish responsibilities and governance.

Continuous assessment & improvement

Allowing companies to take ownership of their risk management & cyber risk strategy.

The Need for Security Solutions


Increase in security breaches since last year


Increase in security breaches in the last five years


Enterprises saw the annual cost of cyber security increase 22.7% in 2021


$3.81 million

Security Driven AI had the best cost mitigation, saving up to $3.81 million (80% cost difference).

$13.0 million

The average cost of cybercrime for an organization increased from US$1.4 million to US$13.0 million.

Our Capabilities

Our next-gen information security services and technology-forward solutions help our clients achieve resiliency, scale security, and manage compliance, providing businesses with end-to-end protection.


Vulnerability Assessment

Respond promptly to vulnerabilities with intelligence-backed solutions

We perform thorough security assessments to identify vulnerable areas and uncover weaknesses within the processes and systems. An analytical report is created, and our experts guide the clients to patch these vulnerabilities to avoid breaches and mitigate risks.


Threat Models

Stay ahead of the threats as they evolve

At Cloutel, we understand the need for a proactive approach to identify potential threats and minimize their impact by saving revenue, time, and the reputation of an organization. Our experts have deep knowledge and experience in threat modeling techniques and tools and understand that every organization has its unique needs and risk tolerance.


Compliance Planning

Keeping pace with the regulatory pressure with our (machine-led) compliance services

Our Compliance planning and management services provide a structured approach for organizations to comply with regulatory, industry and local cybersecurity requirements. We help our clients navigate seamlessly through the complexities of security compliance planning and management, by staying on top of the evolving privacy & security regulations.


Risk Management

Driving efficiency & accountability with risk management tools and governance

Cloutel Risk Management Solutions identify information assets, mitigates security flaws, and embeds security into design practices. Managing risks to software, applications, and other information assets ensure that the business risks are minimized, empowering our clients to focus on innovation, build trust, and deliver value to their customers.


Fraud Analysis

A proactive approach to tackle fraud and establish trust with consumers

With business data accessibility becoming easier, the need for fraud detection and monitoring programs has become a necessity. Our Fraud Analysis solutions help our clients enhance their fraud detection capabilities, have more control over systems, and improve performance. We employ various fraud detection and analytics techniques, to build a dependable framework for identifying fraud early on and preventing losses for the business.


Our broad information security knowledge, deep domain expertise, and experience have helped us create turnkey solutions for our clients across multiple domains.


Compliance Documentation

Create formal documentation of security processes and controls. Leverage this solution to maintain the continuity of your compliance efforts and keep up with the evolving regulations and compliances.


SOC2 Analysis

Our SOC2 assessment and analysis solution provides measurable and actionable guidance and helps customers and other shareholders build trust that their data is handled securely.


GDPR Compliance

Leverage our deep insights on GDPR guidance, protect customer data, and stay on top of compliance.


Disaster Recovery Planning

Minimize risks and vulnerabilities, secure your business data, reduce downtime, and keep your business running with our effective plan for disaster recovery planning.

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